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high quality Hydraulic Ironworker

high quality Hydraulic Ironworker
  • High Quality And Good Brand Q35y-30 CNC Hydraulic Ironworker
    The Q35y-30 hydraulic ironworker machine is the latest product of punching and shearing machines produced by Zhongyi. This machine is mainly used for sheet metal cutting, profile cutting, punching and notching. It can widely used in shipbuilding, electric power, air defense, roads, bridges, automobiles, lifting and transport, metal structures and mechanical processing factory.
  • 2020 High Quality Q35Y-12 Hydraulic Ironworker
    Quality 2020 high quality Q35Y-12 Hydraulic Ironworker from Anhui Zhongyi, we provide the best product and service to every customer. The biggest advantage of multi-function punching and shearing machine is simple operation, flexible movement, high efficiency, smooth cross-section, low failure rate and long service life. The system can save the time of changing punch and keep its precision.