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CNC Punching Machine

CNC punching machines and ironworker machines, the use of safe, superior performance, greatly enhance the efficiency of production, making the production equipment are in strict accordance with relevantnational standards for design into production, effectively improve the safety factor used in the work, professional used in steel, shipbuilding and other engineering and air defense.


Hydraulic Ironworker

Multi-function ironworker goes along with Automatic Holding System and Temperature Cooling System. Hydraulic iron worker can punch, cut, notch and bend for flat bar, square bar, round bar, equal angle, channel. It is the latest product of the punching and shearing machine at home and abroad.


Punching Machine

The punching machine has hydraulic transmission with low noise, complete functions and high production efficiency. We optimize the structure design of our products. It is stable and reliable and can be applied to sheet metal blanking, bending , flanging, sheet metal, fine blanking and cold extrusion of metal parts. With adjustable pressing force, the punching machine do not produce the overload and realize each work step in the process of suppressing pressure maintaining and latency requirements. 


Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber laser cutting machine has many unique advantages in laser cutting application. Different from the traditional solid-state lasers using crystal rods as the laser medium, the laser medium of the fiber laser is a long Yb doped double clad fiber, which is pumped by a high-power multimode laser diode.


Shearing Machine

The shearing machine body adopts integrally weld structure, and uses the vibration aging technology to eliminate stress, which is typical of excellent rigidity, and stability. Advanced hydraulic integrated valve bloke is employed, which decreases the installation of pipe lines in a compact structure, enhancing reliability and maintainability of the machine. The oil cylinders in series ensure that the shearing angle do not change during the shearing processing.


Press Brake

The press brake has complete steel-welded structure with sufficient strength and rigidity.  The machine is reliable and smooth with hydraulic down-stroke structure. Mechanical stop unit is employed, synchronous torque and high precision.

Back-gauge distance and upper ram stroke with electric adjustment, and counter display. Upper tool with tension compensating mechanism, in order to guarantee high precision of bending. We adopt Eston E21 NC system X-axis and Y-axis drive automatic control.


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