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What is hydraulic ironworker?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-10-30      Origin: Site

In our daily life, many objects that need to be processed by high-speed hydraulic punching machine are everywhere, such as doors and windows, which need to be punched. As a necessary instrument in carpenter's machinery, high-speed punching machine has gradually developed into an advanced field with computer control and electronic technology from simple mechanical production before. It can not only create high processing efficiency, but also contribute a lot to the development of high-speed hydraulic punching machine industry.


In order to facilitate the maintenance and monitoring of high-speed hydraulic punching machine, necessary monitoring elements should be installed in the main sections of the hydraulic system, such as pressure gauge, thermometer, etc. high-speed hydraulic punching machine, stair handrail punching machine, zinc steel guardrail punching machine, stainless steel pipe punching machine are driven by hydraulic system. The hydraulic components of high-speed hydraulic punching machine are made of domestic standard parts. The name and action of each hydraulic actuator, the serial number of each hydraulic component and the code of each electromagnet are indicated in the system diagram, and relevant instructions are attached.


We should try our best to reduce the energy loss and improve the working efficiency of the system. The hydraulic system diagram of high-speed hydraulic punching machine is composed of control circuit and hydraulic source combination which are prepared in advance. When each circuit is combined with each other, redundant components are removed, and the system structure is simple. Pay attention to the interlocking relationship among the components to avoid misoperation. In the design, it can be considered to attach equipment parts to the hub, so that the accident can be quickly replaced and the main engine can work continuously. The hydraulic system of high-speed hydraulic punching machine plays a key role in the punching equipment, so we should fully understand the structure and maintenance knowledge of the hydraulic system of the high-speed hydraulic punching machine, and increase the maintenance of the hydraulic system.


The machine bed is composed of body, frame, section steel support, angle steel bracket and shearing table. The fuselage and frame are welded with steel plates, and others are connected by bolts, which not only ensures the strength and rigidity of work, but also ensures the convenience of maintenance, assembly and disassembly. The right wall panel of the bed is equipped with an adjustable cushion block to limit the left and right movement of the knife plate. The angle steel bracket is equipped with an adjustable pressing device to compress the angle steel for shearing. The square hole and round hole of different sizes are set on the section steel support, so that the square steel and round steel can pass through and shear smoothly. An adjustable pressing plate is arranged on the shearing table, which can be adjusted according to the thickness of the workpiece to be sheared, and an adjustable stop block is set on the working table for positioning shearing. The stop can be adjusted at any angle, and the flat steel or angle steel can be sheared at any angle by its side positioning.


The hydraulic punching and shearing machine is also widely used, which is suitable for the processing of steel structure and steel plate. Moreover, the operation mode of the hydraulic punching and shearing machine is very simple and convenient, and the technical requirements for the operators are not high, as long as the operation rules are strictly followed. The reason why the hydraulic punching and shearing machine can penetrate the steel plate also benefits from its power device and the large gravity generated by the hydraulic pressure. Therefore, the hydraulic punching and shearing machine has more advantages than the ordinary punching and shearing machine, and can better complete the shearing and bending work of various thick steel plates in use. It has the advantages of small volume, light weight, easy operation, labor saving and fast punching.


Hydraulic combined punching and shearing machine operating procedures:

Before starting, check whether the transmission parts and connecting screw pin shafts of the punching and shearing machine are loose, and whether the electrical grounding is in good condition.

Before working, all parts should be lubricated, and the machine can be put into operation after running for two or three minutes without problems.


The improvement of the shearing machine has changed the mechanism of the movable seat from manual operation to foot switch, which not only makes the operation more flexible and reliable. And the strength of the whole machine is improved. The design is novel and reasonable, the appearance is beautiful and the installation is simple. Compared with similar products, it has the advantages of low energy consumption, high power and wide processing range.


Technical content of hydraulic ironworker :

1. Standard configuration of five stations: punching, die shear, angle steel cutting, profile cutting, plate cutting;

2. The machine does not need any horizontal debugging and can be used after being placed in place;

3. The punching station is equipped with enlarged worktable and compound punch accessories;

4. The shearing and die shearing stations are equipped with heavy duty worktables, and the stroke of punching and shearing stations is adjustable;

5. Die shear station can process various rectangular and V-shaped openings;


Zhongyi, as a professional hydraulic ironworker machine manufacturer, adopts advanced technology to manufacturer high quality hydraulic punching and shearing machines. Please contact us to start our cooperation if you are interested in our products.


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