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What is a punching machine ?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-12-20      Origin: Site

At present, there are two speeds of punch presses in Taiwan and China, which are called high speed, one is high speed 400 times / min, and the other is 1000 times / min. If the required speed of your product mold is 300 times / min or higher, you should choose a press with 1000 times / min. Because the equipment can not be used to the limit, and the punch press within 400 times / min generally has no mandatory lubrication system, only butter lubrication is used in the joint part, and the punch structure adopts the slider type, the accuracy is difficult to ensure, the wear is fast in long-time work, the accuracy decreases, the die is easy to be damaged, the maintenance rate of the machine and die is high, the time is delayed, and the delivery time is affected.


1. The crankshaft bearing is hot, the bearing sleeve is not scraped well, and the lubrication is poor. Scrape and grind the copper bush again, and check the lubrication.

2. There are copper chips in the oil flowing out of the bearing, lack of lubricating oil, the lubricating oil is not clean, check the lubrication, and disassemble the bearing for cleaning

3. The guide rail is burnt, the guide rail clearance is too small, the lubrication is poor, and the contact is poor. Re grind and scrape the guide rail, adjust the clearance, and pay attention to lubrication

4. During operation, the clutch is not combined or the rotary key cannot be disengaged after combination. The spring loses its elasticity and the key fits too tightly. Replace the combination clearance of the spring and grinding key

5. When the clutch is disengaged, the slider cannot stop at the top dead center. The tension of the brake belt is insufficient, the brake belt is excessively worn, there is oil slipping on the brake wheel, adjust the tension of the brake spring, replace the brake, and clean the brake belt and wheel circumference with kerosene

6. The return plate does not work and the position of the striking head is not correct. Adjust the position of the head and rotate the flywheel by hand to try to return

7. The connecting rod screw rotates or the impact locking device is loose

8. The connecting rod screw ball head impacts in the slider ball pad, the ball head has poor contact with the ball pad gland, the gland screw is loose, scrape and grind the ball head, ball pad and tighten the gland screw

9. Press the button (on) to stop working. The power supply is open and the thermal breaker is powered off. Check the circuit system and eliminate the fault

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