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The new V Grooving Machine

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-07-29      Origin: Site

V Grooving Machine for sheet metal The frame is an integral welded structure, the frame is stress-relieved, the deformation is small, and the strength is high. CNC open control system can add new extended functions to realize fully automatic processing. Using two sets of six knives to go back and forth to plan the working mode, the planing efficiency is high.

International-level control components, machine tool processing, to ensure high precision, high speed, high dynamic response characteristics.

Round steel tube / steel ball type feeding rack to avoid scratching of the workpiece.

Hydraulic press and clamps ensure firm press and stable performance.

The adjustable alloy quenching table panel ensures high precision, high strength and high wear resistance.

High-speed sliding tool holder, up and down movement adopts ball screw drive, high repeat positioning accuracy. Using two sets of six knife structures, it can realize round-trip planing and high processing efficiency.

The left and right movement of the knife holder adopts a gear rack transmission structure, the planing process is smooth and efficient, and the wound surface is smooth and smooth.

Efficient chip blowing device to avoid workpiece damage.

Water cooling system to cool blades, reduce wear and increase service life.

Automatic lubrication system, automatically set the time and oil volume, reduce mechanical friction.

Integrated hydraulic station, imported hydraulic valve components, compact structure, low failure rate.


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