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The Principle of Hydraulic Sheet Metal Punch

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-09-02      Origin: Site


Hydraulic sheet metal punch machine is a stamping type press, so it is also called a punch press. Compared to traditional machining, it has the advantages of saving material and energy, high efficiency, low technical requirements for the operator, and the ability to make products that cannot be achieved by mechanical processing through the application of various dies, so it is becoming more and more widely used.        Stamping production is mainly for plates. It can be used in a wide range of fields, such as drop, punching, forming, deep drawing, trimming, fine blanking, shaping, riveting and extrusion.   Punching machine uses and characteristics

Punching machines are widely used for stamping and forming hardware parts for electronics, communications, computers, home appliances, furniture, transportation, (automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles), etc. It has the following characteristics:

1.high rigidity, high precision frame, using steel plate welding, and heat treatment, eliminating the internal stress of the body technetium to make the equipment long-term stable work without deformation. The structural parts are evenly loaded and the steel is balanced.        

2.High precision: The main parts of the equipment, such as crankshaft, gears and transmission shaft, are hardened and heat-treated and have high wear resistance after grinding and processing, which ensures stable long-term performance and high precision.          

3.Reliable and safe operation performance: The reason why this equipment is easy to operate and accurate positioning are that it adopts a combination device of clutch/brake with high sensitivity, which is different from the traditional brake, plus the double electromagnetic control valve and overload protection device common to international high-end equipment, ensuring the accuracy and safety of high-speed movement and stopping of the punching slider.

4.Production automation, labour-saving and high efficiency. The punching machines can be equipped with a corresponding automatic feeding devices, with feeding error detection, pre-cutting and pre-breaking device, which can fully realize automatic production, low cost and high efficiency.        

5.Slider adjustment mechanism: Sliding fast adjustment is divided into manual adjustment and electric adjustment, which is convenient, reliable, safe and fast, and the accuracy can reach 0.1mm.     

6.New design and environmental protection adopt advanced technology and design concept from abroad, with the advantages of low noise, low energy consumption and no pollution.


1.The design principle of punching machine is to convert the circular motion into linear motion. The main motor will produce force, drive the flywheel, and drive the gear, crankshaft (or eccentric gear) and connecting rod through the clutch to achieve the linear motion of the slider, and the motion from the main motor to the connecting rod is the circular motion. The connecting rod and the slider need to have a circular motion and linear motion between the transfer point, the design of roughly two mechanisms, one for the ball type, one for the cylindrical type, through this mechanism to convert the circular motion into linear motion of the slider.

2.Punching machines apply pressure to the material to deform it plastically to obtain the required shape and precision. Therefore, a set of dies (upper and lower dies) must be used to place the material between them, and the pressure is applied by the machine to deform it. The accuracy and rigidity of the punching equipment are extremely important to the life of the die. High precision and good rigidity of punching equipment will greatly improve the die life. Especially for small gap or no gap dies, carbide dies and precision dies, a press with high precision and good rigidity must be selected, otherwise, the die life will be reduced and in serious cases, the die will be damaged. The precision of the guiding mechanism of the die.

3.Accurate and reliable guidance, for reducing the wear and tear of the working parts of the die, to avoid convex and concave die gnawing impact is great, especially the punching machine is no clearance and small clearance punching die, composite die and multi-station progressive die is more effective. In order to improve the die life, it is necessary to select the correct guide form and determine the accuracy of the guide mechanism according to the nature of the process and the accuracy of the parts. In general, the accuracy of the guide mechanism should be higher than the convex and concave die with the tip degree, electric heating.

4.Converting the circular motion to linear motion, the main motor exerts force and drives the flywheel, which drives the gear, crankshaft (or eccentric gear) and connecting rod through the clutch to reach the linear motion of the ram, and the motion from the main motor to the connecting rod is circular motion. Hydraulic press is the first fully automatic and intelligent servo electro-hydraulic compound press in the stamping equipment industry. Compared with traditional presses and injection presses, it has great breakthroughs in both mechanical structure and control system and functions. The hydraulic press adopts the self-developed double-dead cycle servo system control method, which is highly humanized, fully automated, intelligent and powerful.


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