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The Precaution of Hydraulic Ironworker Machine

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-11-11      Origin: Site

1. Familiarize yourself with the importance of the precautions for operation of the machine.

Punching and shearing machine operation to prevent the occurrence of accidental punching machine operation and die without safety protection equipment, in the possibility of accidental injury. So Anhui Zhongyi combined hydraulic punching and shearing machine is an important way to strengthen safety and prevent accidents in sheet metal processing. Choose composite drawing die, continuous mode, multi - station progressive die cutting action to reduce the operator's risk. Stamping equipment and tooling equipment is an effective way to set safe and convenient flexibility or to choose labor intensity, skills and safety conditions of stamping at that time.


2. Notes for machine operation

① Fixed point check whether the triangle belt, handle, knob and key of the plate shearing machine are damaged or badly worn and should be replaced in time, and report for replacement of spare parts.

② Check and repair switch, insurance, handle regularly to ensure its reliable operation.

③ Every day after work before 10 minutes, lubricate the machine tool and scrub clean machine tool.


3. Notes for machine installation

① There should be no obstacles such as struts within the range of movement of materials and machines.

② The ceiling height shall be more than 1000mm higher than that of the machine.

③ There should be space for metal mold collection toolbox and so on.

④ There should be a convenient space for moving in and out materials and for machine maintenance and repair.

⑤ Should be able to open and close the space of the strong electric cabinet.


4. Precautions for machine safety and maintenance

① Operate in strict accordance with operating procedures.

② Add lubricating oil at fixed time, fixed point and fixed quantity according to the lubrication chart requirements before starting each time. The oil should be clean without precipitation.

③ The shearing machine must always keep clean, unpainted part of anti-rust grease.

④ The motor bearing lubrication oil to regularly replace the filling, and often check the electrical work is normal and safe and reliable.

The noise of hydraulic punching and shearing machine is caused by the vibration of parts. In this case, you need to check whether there is loose parts of the problem. It can also promote l by regularly adding lubricating oil and other lubricating products to increase the lubrication degree of each part of the hydraulic punching and shearing machine to reduce friction, thus reducing the occurrence of noise.


Don't overwork when you're working. Take protective labor supplies with you when you're working. Don't wear sandals and slippers to work. When the joint punching and shearing machine is working, always remember to oil the punching tools, do not let the up and down punching tools, cause tilt, check and disassembly should stop working.


Check triangle belt, handle, handle, button or damaged, badly worn should be replaced in time and report for replacement of spare parts. Check the maintenance switch, safety and handling regularly to ensure its reliable operation. Lubricate and clean the punch press for the first 10 minutes before each boot. Not professional personnel are prohibited to operate the equipment, daily to make people off the plane stop.


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