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The Main Use and Advantages of Hydraulic Ironworker

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-11-25      Origin: Site

1. Application of punching and shearing machine

In the long-term use of the joint punching and shearing machine, the machine should also do a good job in the daily maintenance and maintenance, so as to ensure that the performance of the equipment has been superior. In addition,  the punching and shearing machine has been playing an excellent performance in the subsequent work, which improves production efficiency. The production of equipment is strictly in accordance with the relevant national standards are designed into production, effectively improve the safety factor used in the work. Before using the equipment, we also need to check whether there are loose screws or damaged components. If there are damaged parts, they should be replaced in a timely manner, so that the equipment can perform excellent performance in the process of use.


2. The main uses of Hydraulic Ironworker

With the rapid development of science and technology in Our country, electronic information technology has also been widely promoted and applied. More and more industries begin to gradually apply electronic information technology to ensure that the hydraulic combined punching and shearing machine is in a normal technical state of operation.

The hydraulic ironworker can ensure that the working parts of hydraulic punching and shearing machine are intact and free of defects. In particular, the installation of exhaust pipes, because many of the exhaust pipes are set mute, so its noise can be greatly reduced. In the process of using the machine, please pay attention to whether the parts are loose. If there is a loose part, it will produce vibration and increase the noise.


3. Advantages of Hydraulic Ironworker

Hydraulic punching and shearing machine adopts hydraulic system as main power for punching, advantages: safety, low noise, fast speed, etc.

  • Motor power 380V/5.5KW motor, imported or domestic famous brand oil pump and solenoid valve are selected.

  • Punching efficiency: two equally spaced tubes can be punched at the same time at one time, which is equivalent to ordinary two-person operation.

  • Punching degree :50-70 times/min (punching two pipes at the same time, the number of holes should be X2); Punching accuracy :50 holes ±5C.

  • Maximum workpiece punching length: 2.2m. Single feeding length :1MM~2200MM

  • Feeding mode: after the workpiece is automatically fed by hydraulic/pneumatic clamping, the material is automatically fed outward according to the hole distance. The feeding mode is automatically controlled by Taiwan Delta high precision servo motor.


4. Conclusion

At present, the control system and the corresponding management mode of various industries in China have been gradually improved. Under such background, the application of electronic information technology can provide people with more innovative ideas for the control system. Although electronic information technology is widely used at present, and the research and development of related technologies are getting faster and faster, there are still some deficiencies in the practical application process. Nowadays, most industries have higher and higher requirements for control systems, and at the same time, the functions and contents involved are more and more diversified.


As a result, there are some unstable factors in the application of electronic information technology in control systems. Therefore, in the subsequent application process, relevant technicians should quickly solve the problems existing in the application process, so as to give full play to the application advantages of electronic information technology in the control system.


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