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Special cutting machine

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-01-31      Origin: Site

Special cutting machine, used with other equipment, special uses: 1, cold bending forming line shears: such as the car beam cold bending line, car side baffle production line, color steel plate molding line on the production line configuration of special shears, etc.  2, steel structure production line shears: more used for Angle Steel, h-beam automatic production line to complete the cutting process; 3, plate open-line shears: Used for plate uncoiling alignment, the high-speed shearing machine is designed to meet the requirement of high-speed shearing in production line. The hydraulic high-speed shearing machine is used on the thick plate line, the pneumatic shearing machine is used on the thin plate line, the flying shearing machine is used on the high-speed line for continuous production and high efficiency. The upper and lower blades of a plate shearing machine are at an angle, generally the upper blades are inclined, and the inclined angle is generally 1 ° to 6 ° . The shearing force of oblique blade shears is smaller than that of flat blade shears, so the power of motor and the weight of the whole machine are greatly reduced. Flat-edge cutting machine, good shearing quality, small distortion, but high shearing force, energy consumption. More mechanical transmission. The two blades of the shear are parallel to each other, and are often used in hot-shearing blooming billet and slab in rolling mills. Multi-purpose plate shears 1, combined punching shears: can be completed plate shear, but also on the profile shear, more for the cutting process; 2, plate bending shear machine: that is, in the same machine can be completed on the shear and bending two processes.


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