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Shearing Machine Application

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-08-19      Origin: Site

The mechanical part :

1.The machine is metal plate welded structure, with hydraulic transmission and accumulator return,typical of an easy operation, reliable performance, and nice appearance,fitted with digital controller.

2.Indication is provided for adjustment of blades clearance, for a handy and prompt adjustment.

3.Worktable with balls for material feeding convenient, to minimize scratch off plate and to reduce frictional resistance.

4.Alignment device with lighting and control device for shearing stroke are set.


The main configuration list:

Electrical system

1.The key electric elements adopt imported parts, in line with international standards, safe and reliable, long life, strong anti-jamming capability.

2.Electric control cabinet to IP54 protection standards, electrical components specification, marked clearly.

3. Equipped with a mobile work station and portable foot switch, easy to operation.

4.Equipment has stop, overload protection and reliable electrical safety measures, ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.


Hydraulic system

1.Introduce advanced European technology, use the integrated hydraulic control system, good reliability.

2.Use the tandem cylinder synchronization system, machine to receive strength evenly.

3.hydraulic system use Bag type accumulator as the auxiliary energy, absorption pressure shock at the same time, the machine running smooth, low noise

4.Hydraulic pressure feeder shear more reliable

5.The pressure is expected to force increases with the shear stress increases.

6.Hydraulic system is overloaded overflow protection, safe and reliable.

7.Oil pump use us SUNNY, can bear high pressure, low noise

8.Sealing ring choose product of MERKEL German company and Japan NOK, sealed performance is good, reliable operation, long service life

9.There is a clear visual oil level height

10.Hydraulic system is equipped with filter, filtration precision is high.

11.Machine can work continuously under the rated load, hydraulic system steadily, high precision.


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