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Introduction of Panel Bender

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-01-04      Origin: Site

Features and advantages

It can be widely used in the fields of steel cabinet shell (file cabinet, tool cabinet, external shield, electrical cabinet, communication cabinet, gas cabinet, water meter cabinet...) and kitchenware (refrigerator, air conditioner, stove...) Furniture, ventilation, refrigeration, purification, door industry, decoration, elevator and other related metal forming fields. Not limited by the column spacing and throat depth of C-shaped structure frame design, it can make full use of bending machine processing, which is more flexible and convenient. Moreover, the servo design makes the machine start and stop quickly, the processing speed is fast, and the processing time can be shortened.


Multipurpose equipment

The advantage of multilateral flexible bending machine is that it can automatically bend the four edges of the plate in turn and realize automation. Universal bending die can be used for double-sided bending plate. The NC positioning device automatically positions and completes multilateral flexible bending at one time. It adopts hybrid drive system and high-efficiency bending machine, which can be configured with step-by-step bending, three-dimensional programming, off-line control, automatic operation of manipulator, integrated servo pump system and three cylinders to compensate pressure at the same time. The high-speed rear gear material is matched with the high-speed hydraulic system, and the overall efficiency is higher.

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