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Intelligent Flexible Bending Center

Intelligent flexible bending center is an automation product developed for sheet metal industry to improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity and enhance corporate image. The equipment has 4.0 industrial architecturer, intelligent flecibility, fast working speed, rapid workpiece forming, high consistency, low power consumption, simple daily maintenance, high degree of automation and simple operation.

Product Description

About Intelligent Flexible Bending Center


It is suitable for processing stainless steel, cold plate and aluminum Plate and other industries, can bend right angle, non right angle, arc, up fold, down fold, dead edge and other complex shape combination, and can be compatible with manual loading and unloading or robot loading and unloading or manipulator loading and unloading.

Intelligent Flexible Bending Center

5 Advantages of  Intelligent Flexible Bending Center


1.Energy saving

Energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions are 64% lower than the hydraulic solution.


2.Extremely low maintenance costs

Reduced maintenance cost, 65% lower than traditional hydraulic bending machine maintenance cost.


3.Higher accuracy and quality

Excellent bending accuracy and surface quality and high repeatability.


4.Higher productivity

Productivity is maximized without skilled operators, with higher productivity and faster programming efficiency compared to manual and mechanical benders.


5.Protection of the operator

Machined parts are transferred from the external workbench to ensure the safety of operators.

5 advantages of Intelligent Flexible Bending Center

Technical Parameters of Flexible Bending Center


Intelligent Flexible Bending Center specification

Intelligent Flexible Bending Center Factory


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