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How should ironworker machine be used?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-11-18      Origin: Site

How can you safely use the ironworker machine and reduce noise?

The hydraulic ironworker machine can be used safely as long as you strictly follow these instructions below.

1. Check whether the transmission parts of ironworker machine and the connecting screws and pin shaft of each part are loose before starting. Whether the electrical grounding is sound.

2. Lubrication of all parts before work, start test turn 2 to 3 minutes, no problem before work.

3. No overload. No ironworker of hardened steel.

4. Wear gloves and labor protection articles when working. Sandals and slippers are strictly prohibited.

5. When the punching shear must often to the punching tool oil, strictly prevent up and down the tool askew.

6. Pay attention to the safety of fingers when feeding, especially when the plate is rushed to the end of the foot pressure on the plate, do not shear.

7. It is strictly prohibited to disassemble and check the cutting edge and punching die when driving. Do not strike the die, cutting edge and other parts with force.

8. Strictly control the specification range of sheet material, do not ironworker when exceeding.

9. No accumulation of other items and large amount of washing materials shall be allowed in the workplace. Parking must be stopped during adjustment and cleaning.

10. Finish the work, stop the machine in time, cut off the power, clean up the scene.



How to reduce the noise when ironworker machine is working?

1. Ensure that the ironworker machine always works in a good technical state.

2. Ensure the integrity and reliability of working parts of ironworker machine. Especially install exhaust pipes, because most of the exhaust pipes are equipped with mufflers, which will reduce a large part of the noise.

3. Prevent parts from becoming loose, which may cause vibration.

4. Carry out maintenance and inspection of joint ironworker machine. According to the provisions of qualified lubricating oil, grease, in order to prevent each relative moving parts poor lubrication and dry friction or semi-dry friction, so that the noise increased.

5. Keep good fit clearance of relative moving parts. The driver must assemble or adjust according to the technical requirements.

6. The oil supply shall not be changed at will. If the amount of oil supplied is increased, the fuel injected into the cylinder will not be completely burned, which will not only waste fuel, pollute the air, but also increase the noise of the tractor.

The advance Angle of oil supply should be adjusted accurately. The accuracy of oil supply Angle adjustment not only directly affects the power of the ironworker machine, but also affects the noise level of the ironworker machine. We often meet some joint ironworker machine in the discharge of waste gas voice is particularly loud, often accompanied by "pa, pa" sound, this is because the oil supply ahead of the Angle caused by too large.

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