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1530 CNC Desktop Plasma Cutting Machine

Heavy-duty fuselage, multi-column support, mechanical science structure distribution
High sensitivity arc pressure adjustment, More precise cutting, easier to use
1.25 Membrane helical rack, transmission accuracy is higher
The key parts of the column are treated with 20mm thickness without welding
High precision square rail

Product Description

About 1530 CNC Desktop Plasma Cutting Machine


1530 cnc desktop plasma cutting machine

1530 CNC desktop plasma cutting machine

A set of multifunctional toolbox

8G USB flash disk

15 sets of consumables

The fuselage is treated with anti-rust

Anti-wear limit switch

Bulleye wheel table for easy loading

Ramp receivers with double suction fans

Quality assurance 2 years

Main Parts of 63A Plasma Cutting Machine


1530 63A plasma cutting machine(high configuration)

Huayuan 63A plasma power supply

Starpeak control system

Automatic Torch Height Control

Starcam Nesting software


 STARFIRE Microstep control

 Automatic Torch height control

 Software starcam

Independent Control Cabinet


Heavy Duty Machine body

Standard Export Wooden Case

2G Processing files

 Independent control cabinet

 Heavy duty Machine body

Standard export wooden case

 2G processing file


stepping motor & actuator

Dual exhaust duct smoke exhaust system

1.25 Membrane helical rack

Multifunctional toolbox

 stepper motor & driver

 Smoke exhaust system


 Rack and gear

 Multi-functional tool box

Technical Specifications of Plasma Cutting Machine



1530  63A Plasma cutting machine (high configuration)

X,Y working area


Z working area


Packing dimension


Lathe bed

Very thick steel structure

Machine Power


Working voltage

380V three phase 60hz

Reposition precision


Processing precision


Maximum cutting speed


Torch Height control mode


Cutting thickness

Max 12mm carbon steel

Plasma power supply


Control system



Stepper motor





Plasma Air Pressure


Working Temperature

-10°C-60°C. Relative Humidity, 0-95%.

LCD Display Dimension

7 Inches

Samples Produced by Plasma Cutting Machine


There are some samples produced by the plasma cutting machine.

Samples produced by the plasma cutting machine

Advantages of Zhongyi Plasma Cutting Machine


Advantages of our machines

①We have been producing this machine for many years. With rich experience and professional knowledge, we will let you get the most suitable machine with the correct configuration. Our professional allows you to avoid many mistakes and some troubles.

②If you use a plasma cutting machine to cut thick plates, you must use an arc height adjustment system. When our height adjustment system uses a height sensor, it can send out 12,000 signals per minute, while other height adjustment systems usually send out 10,000 signals. Every minute, so our cutting quality is faster than other factories and the cutting speed is faster than the same power plasma source.

arc height adjustment system

③All our machines have to be checked three times, and then allowed to be sent, and finally an 8GB flash drive is put into the bag. When the customer receives the machine, they can easily check the video from the 8GB flash drive, and then do simple operations. In the video, it is almost like teaching by hand, so that the customer can make the machine create profit when shooting. We also have a video platform, after you purchase the machine, we will give you a password, and then you can easily obtain the efficiency of "after-sales service" from the Internet. And other small factories usually only check once for the machine, without 8GB flash disk, without video platform, then it is difficult for you to get good after-sales service.

8GB flash drive

④ All of our machine bodies have undergone professional anti-rust treatment. First, we spray the anti-rust paint twice to ensure that all parts of the machine are in a fully protected state, and then spray the color. This can effectively prevent the machine from rusting and causing damage to the machine. Other manufacturers do not carry out anti-rust treatment or only apply rust paint once.

⑤Because our machines are equipped with professional parts, and the whole machine has been tested more carefully, our warranty period is 2 years, while other factories are only 1 year.

⑥We will provide you with 2G machining design (US$320) and Australian professional metal cutting software for free. There are various graphics in the 2G machining design. After you get the machine, you can make the machine do a lot of beautiful work without You need to find an engineer to help you design.

2G processing design (USD 320)

⑦ The machine structure is designed by a famous mechanical professor, adding many columns for each bean. The machine body can bear heavier weight and thick metal plates without deformation. But the Somm E small factory will not add these parts to save costs, and their machines are easily deformed into thick metal.

Factory Model Display


Factory model display

cnc desktop plasma cutting machine

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